I have recently been made aware that the majority of Protein shakes are infact HARAAM, due to the Whey being extracted from non halal animal sources.

From my limited knowledge of the subject and with Ramadhan Fast approaching we cannot afford to be negligent in our deen as im aware many brothers consume these drinks to aid recovery after exercise.

The good news is that there are Halal & Vegetarian Protein Shakes out there which i havent had much time to look into, so please do you research and InshaAllah inform others of this for the sake of Allah and to preserve our Islam. Please read the links below if this matter concerns you…

Why is most Whey Haraam:

Halal Protein Shakes: go to sheikh google for more, search vegetarian & halal protein.  (the ones in the certificate found in this link)

If you find any information in this article incorrect please inform so that i can correct my errors and Only Allah knows best.

Br Hamza
Nutrition Journalist


About sunnahfit

SunnahFit is an islamic company which engages all different types of fitness. Physical and mental fitness. The objective of SunnahFit is to help revive the Ummah in becoming fit in all types of areas such as general fitness, political awareness, understanding Islam and much more. The SunnahFit project aims to be a hub for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to come to us for information on all aspects of their lives.

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  1. Asalaam-alaikum Brother,
    Is it possible to make a protein rich shake using ingredients you may have at home?

  2. Alkoum salam, yes i will write an article for protien replacements soon inshallah

  3. Assalamu’Alaikum!

    Brother, it depends on which school you are from.

    Whey is not extracted from animals, it is in fact left over when milk coagulates and contains everything that is soluble from milk. Most companies use cow milk and/or goat milk, although it is better if you call them and find out. Also, rennet (enzyme) may be used in the production of whey protein, and if it is used, it is important to determine the source of the enzymes used and which animal they are from. Other methods of separating the whey from the curds may be pasteurization. From my research, rennet from cows is fine (I think in the Hanafi school, at least) :

    “The lawfulness of rennet does not depend on the slaughterer being a Muslim or non-Muslim, in fact it depends upon whether there is life in it or not. The circulation of blood in an organ is the cause of life. No blood flows through rennet, therefore rennet is not a living thing. Therefore, it cannot ‘die’ and it is thus permissible to consume rennet.”
    [Muslim Food Guide, pg 25-30, ]

    All in all, it is better to call and ask the company and find out if there are any traces of pig or if the product is made from a pig source, or if any enzymes from pigs are used.

    Allah (SWT) knows best.


    • JazakAllah Khayr brother for your response,

      But your looking at it in the wrong angle. Firstly, as you see by the title is has a question mark lol. Second, through our research by Hamza and the other SunnahFit journalists we found that a majority of uk based protein shakes use materials which help to bind the whey and drink powder together. The substances used in some cases were from cow and in some persoanl cases I’ve delt with, the companies have been using pig extracts which when questioned they said it was not obliged for them to put it on their literacture. Hope you understand now jazakallah.

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